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Summer 2015 - Monday

Custom Team League

This is a co-ed 'build your own team' league. The ratio of men to women on the field will be determined by the captains based on attendance at the game.

This league requires individual signup but relies on GROUPING to form teams.

Details to know

  • Beginning in June, games are played starting at 6:30 pm on Monday evenings at Lakeshore Woods Park on Banwell Road (Check the Location on the left for map and directions).
  • Must be at least 16 years old to participate.
  • Upon signup you are required to complete a self assessment questionnaire to help assign you to a team.
  • League membership includes ODSA insurance, field rental, and a team colour T-shirt. Registration opens April 10th. Late registrants may not get a team shirt based on availability.
  • Teams are created by team captains, and we require individual registration. Please complete your skill assessment and be honest about your ability at signup.
  • After the games do a cheer for the other team. This can be a quick "Great game!" it can be a song with modified lyrics, it can be a haiku, an interpretive dance, or a massive game of rock paper scissors. We encourage the Spirit of the Game!
  • We have a refund policy, you should read it before registration.
  • Please review our league rules before registration.
  • Abuse (physical or verbal) is unacceptable on our league and will result in a suspension or ban from our league, you have been warned!

Grouping your team

  • You sign up alone, but then once you're in you can join with up to 3 others to form groups of 4 maximum. Our system requires a minimum of 3x 4 person groupings (total of 12) to qualify for a team.
  • You can join groups at the Players page once you're signed up for the league. You can change your groups as often as you like until EOD 5/28.
  • Teams require a ratio of 7 men and 3 women minimum.
  • No drop in players, we only allow registered and paid members.
  • Notify the board of your groupings and team name when ready (by EOD 5/28).

If you have any questions, please contact the board directly or just comment below.

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Registration Dates
 04/10/2015 to 06/11/2015
League Duration
 06/01/2015 to 08/24/2015
Days of Play
 Monday at 6:30 PM
Maximum Players
Membership Cost
  $ 50.00 (04/10/15 - 04/20/15)
$ 60.00 (after 04/21/15)