Spirit of the Game Misconduct Policy

The sport of ultimate is, at its core, about sportsmanship, competition and fun. It is expressly non-contact and has specific stipulations regarding player conduct and self-regulation entitled Spirit of the Game (SOTG).

If any player breaks Spirit of the Game rules, there will be friendly reminders from captains or perhaps even other players. Captains may even choose to call a Spirit Time Out if the situation seems to necessitate it.

By and large Windsor Ultimate (WU) players are known to be quite respectful and to display excellent SOTG. However, should it come to the attention of the WU Board of serious or repetitive non-SOTG practices, the Board will proceed using the following as a guideline:

1 - Verbal and/or written warning, stating what the infraction is and what should otherwise be done to avoid repeating it.
2 - Suspension from play up to but not exceeding 3 games.
3 - Expulsion from the league for one year.
4 - Lifetime expulsion.

Please note that WU reserves the right to move directly to steps 2, 3 or 4 should it feel the severity of the infraction warrants it and that it is in the best interests and safety of players and the league.

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