Making the team doesn't matter, tryout was worth it

Found this great article about Bruce Overstreet and his goal to go head-to-head with 40 young, vibrant guys who were competing for the 28 spots on the Seattle Raptors, the American Ultimate Disc League newest professional team. Not bad at all for a 52-year-young guy, showing clearly he could hang with 19 to 30-year-olds for Ultimate Frisbee credit.

I don't know if I can ever recover any of that spring that will get my standing jump higher than the meager 17" it was measured at during the Raptors' combine. I don't know if my hamstring will ever fully recover from an injury I sustained three years ago. I don't know if my knees will ever stop aching, especially when I keep putting them under excessive stress.

I just don't know. But, I need to remind myself, that's why I am doing this experiment of a 50-plus-year-old staying active, to find out what I can do.

Article: Making the team doesn't matter, tryout was worth it

Ultimate Frisbee, truly is the sport where all ages can participate, have fun, and show their skill (no matter what level it is). This great sport, allows us to feel like a champion when we dash or lay out for that disc. It teaches us compassion and spirit. But above all else, it keeps us young!

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Jan 20 2014
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