Understanding Spin vs Wobble

If you've ever played with a frisbee before, you're undoubtedly thought about wobble and spin and how it affects your throwing and/or distance. A great article was just posted on UltiWorld about "Understanding The Upwind Throw — Spin Vs. Wobble".

...everyone I speak to tells me that wobble is essentially a lack of spin. This hints at the truth in an important way, but it misses some key ideas. And the implications of these ideas are pretty significant – particularly if you’re throwing into the wind.

It's no surprise that some people just have a knack for throwing a disc really well, and along with that we see a lack of wobble which we attribute to lack of spin.

In a frisbee throw, wobble will be caused if the angle at which your wrist or fingers impart spin is not lined up with the orientation of the disc. It’s really that simple.

So there you have it in a nutshell (TL;DR version), wobble does not equal lack of spin, get all the details on the well written article below.

Understanding The Upwind Throw — Spin Vs. Wobble

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Apr 08 2014
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