Summer League Decisions and Last Minute Questions

Hey Folks,

We've had quite a few people email us with the same questions over and over again. While we are happy to answer them via email, we also wanted to post some Q&A to the site so that you can find that info here.

Monday Night League

We have a low number of participants right now, we are currently holding all "move requests" for people because per our Refund Policy (which I know everyone read prior to signing up), it states that we will move people to another league (or try to) if one league does not have enough players.

This weekend, we (the board) will be advertising our League at the Sports Expo, and hope to pull in the extra ~18 or so players to fill the league. We've kept the rate low at $50 to encourage extra players. So hopefully that will save the league from cancellation.

We will make the assessment mid first week of June and notify all registered players if there is a cancellation.

Wednesday Night League

All is well on the Wednesday Night League, we have a healthy number of registrants and will be notifying Captains this week and getting teams setup. Next week (1st week of June) we will start allocating players to teams.

Waiting List Players

Are you on the wait list? If so this is important, we've had people just join the waitlist for a league and never contact the Board regarding payment terms. It is clearly outlined that waiting list people are NOT part of the league until payment is received, it is also important to note that AMOUNT to pay is based on the date of payment.

If something was not covered, please feel free to contact us directly with your questions.

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May 29 2014
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