Roughly two weeks before Ultimate Frisbee Summer 2012 season

We have roughly two weeks to go before we move right into our Summer 2012 league season, and we need your help! We are really shooting for 8 teams this year (and wouldn't it be great to just get that extra field in play!?) but unfortunately we are about 20 someodd people shy from reaching our goal. So we need your help, to motivate your friends, and the people you know that are holding out!

Let's introduce some new people to Ultimate! Please help us reach that goal and get 8 great teams going this year! If you want to know how you can help, just email us for info, otherwise motivate your friends to come out to the pickup games (this wednesday!).

You can also send them our clinic video, for a little fun:

Feel free to share our posts on Facebook, twitter, linkedIn, or any other social network you take part in! Every little bit counts and helps our league grow!

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May 22 2012
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