Ultimate Frisbee Clinic for Summer season on 6/03/2012

If you missed the first clinic, don't despair, we are running another awesome clinic for those of you who still aren't 100% sure if Ultimate Frisbee is for you.

Come on down and let us change your mind, this free training session is great for
- friends that are hesitant
- new players who need some pointers
- skill refreshers
- asking questions of our veteran players
- volunteering and taking a new player under your guidance

So there you have it, a little of something for everyone! Come out to Lakeshore Woods (our usual place) on June 3rd (Sunday) 2PM-4PM.

Remember to bring sunscreen, two shirts (white/black) and plenty of water!

The board will also try shooting another video for this clinic, so if you want to be a star, come out, represent and have fun!

Our first clinic video: http://youtu.be/u7AI6hNkCXM

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Were going to try out our new Ulti-cards at this clinic. Ultimate Trivia, tips and tricks! Invite your friends!

May 30 2012


May 30 2012
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