Indoor Ultimate League 2015 (Pay to play before 8PM)

Indoor Ultimate 2015 -8:15PM-10:15PM!! Jan 21st to Apr 1st

Payment must be processed with the complex before 8PM. Unfortunately due to the limited time constraint of two hours, registration is limited to 30 players and I have at least 39 interested! So get your payment processed asap and sign a waiver if you haven't already. Call them direct at 519-736-5712 to pay over the phone if possible or show up early.

Please Please Please rotate quickly!

Other details
When: Wednesday's January 21st to April 1st (8:15pm to 10:15pm).
Where: Libro Centre 3295 Meloche Rd., Amherstburg, ON, N9V 2Y8.

This week will be 2 hours of straight play followed by pops afterwards and the making of teams. If you want to be blocked with anyone, group yourself online or let me know. Also advise if your interested in captaining or being part of the making of teams/blocks, which preferably happens with pops afterwards.

Don't forget to bring both a white and black shirt.

I'm going to have a hard time not letting someone register, especially if I can get extra field time, so I may have to schedule two games if overcrowding is an issue. But the extra field time is currently not an option. I've been advise drop in, is no longer an option as well.

Happy tossing!

For more details contact: Dan Allaire at / 519-562-6799

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