News for this week (6/29 - 7/3)

No games on Wed (7/01)

Celebrate Canada Day on Wednesday! We are taking the night off to celebrate, as should you! We will meet back up for our next Wednesday game on 7/08. There will still be a Monday night game tonight 6/29!

Post game celebration

We'd like to remind everyone that part of playing ultimate is being spirited and social with your team and others. Make sure you come up with fun games and spirit acts (singing, dancing, celebration) following your games. Join us for a bite at Just your Average Joes. We've had a drop in attendance at Joes and it really is sad when only 10-15 people show up where we typically had 30-40. Come on out, have a drink with us!

Foot blocks and game rules

We've had a question raised regarding foot blocks on Wednesday, and wanted to clarify that foot blocks are NOT allowed on Wednesday's due to safety concerns. This has been a long standing rule for our rec leagues, but needs reminding. Captains, please enforce this if you see it happen on the field.

Disc space and stall counting are important and have a few rules surrounding them. When you are counting stalls, please make sure it is in a 1 second approach, "Stall one, Stall two..." the count should not be rushed, and the handler can call fast count. If you are a handler, and feel that someone is not giving you the room you need, make sure the defender is giving one disc worth of space between you and them.

Happy Canada Day

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