Ultimate Frisbee Discs will be available tonight, bring your money!

We are happy to announce that our printers finally got our Ultimate Frisbee Discs completed, and not a moment too soon, these things are beautiful! The fine folks at Discraft printed our custom logo for us just the other day, so every disc is hot off the press and ready to be in your hands!


  • Black Windsor Ultimate logo print on a white disc
  • Ultra-Star 175 (175 grams) disc, diameter 10.75 inches, introduced in 1981.
  • Discraft quality, the world standard for the sport of Ultimate .

Price will be $10 dollars, bring your money to the field, and we shall sell them there (we will figure out online sales or anything like that later). Try to bring exact change!

Here is a teaser: Windsor Ultimate Summer 2012 Logo on our Disc

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Discs are selling for $10. Buy them on the field! See Chris G - he says "new disc smell!!!" :)

Jul 11 2012


Jul 11 2012
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