Indoor fall 2012 league is open for registration!

If you haven't yet noticed, we've created and opened up the Indoor Fall League for registration.

It will be at the United Communities Credit Union Complex (just like last year).

15 weeks of indoor disc with dry fit team shirts! (Clinic to be held Sept 4th). More playing time available this fall as games will be scheduled between the hours of 6-11). Playoffs and a tournament as well.

Our registration process will be via 'waiting list' and payment at the complex, so just click to get on the waiting list (no Paypal payments enabled for this one).

Hurry because registration is limited to 6 teams maximum.

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Great work @Evil_Dan for getting this organized. Should be a great fall season for indoor Ultimate in southern Ontario!

Aug 06 2012
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@evil_dan what time are we starting the clinic at tmrw night? Looking forward to playing in a great facility with a awesome group of people! If you haven't signed up yet you should season starts this Wednesday September 5th!

Sep 03 2012
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Clinic is tomorrow from 9 to 10 pm at the United Communities Credit Union Complex.

Sep 03 2012


Aug 06 2012
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