Fall League Game one

Team 1 vs Team 2 - 6:30PM to 7:50PM
Team 3 vs Team 4 - 7:55PM to 9:15PM
Team 5 vs Team 6 - 9:20PM to 10:35PM

Game clock will start at 6:30 to keep things on schedule. (Gym available at 6)

Schedule found here:

Teams found here:

Indoor Rules highlighted:

  • Eight seconds to throw the disc
  • When a team scores the disc is immediately placed on the ground at that spot
  • The offensive team has 10 seconds to take possession of the disc
  • There is no pull after a point
  • The offense must put the disc into play from where it was placed by the scoring team (Cannot walk the disc up to the front of the goal line)
  • The team on the scoreboard side of the field is the home team
  • Teams first toss after a score can not be an end zone pass (results in a turnover).
  • Substitutions on the fly, after a score or for an injury timeout (Tag in the player from the field mid line)
  • Teams are required to provide spirit scores for their opponents
  • Timeout: Each team has one 30 second timeout per game (game clock is not stopped and cannot be called within the last five minutes of the game)

Further details can be read on the League Overview

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There is still room if you want to sign up for the league or show up as a temp/sub!

Sep 11 2012
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@Evil_Dan, awesome job with the indoor league :)

Sep 11 2012
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Someone needs a ride and lives around the UofW... if you can help her out let me know at dallaire27@hotmail.com

Sep 12 2012


Sep 11 2012
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