Logo design contest for our Ultimate Frisbee Discs

Are you artistic? Are you a whiz with logos and vectors? Well we've got the perfect contest for you!

Windsor Ultimate needs new discs for this season as we're out of stock! So we want a new shnazy logo for our Ultimate frisbee discs.

If you feel you've got what it takes to create a beautiful design for us, simply post below and follow up via email. We will post all entries under this post, and the winners will get the following:

  1. Their design on our discs (plus resume bragging rights, as we are a non-profi).
  2. A free disc with said logo
  3. Free membership into the Summer 2012 league season.

Logo specifications

  • 300 dpi, 6 3/4 inch round size
  • Text should be sans-serif (that's flat or rounded edges, as opposed to 'serif' fonts, which tend to have pointed edges)
  • for full specs see the Discraft site (who we order from).
  • Disc logo to be 2 color (black/white for instance, or red/white, etc;)

Get your entries in to us via email info@windsorultimate.com before the deadline on April 25 2012.

Well so get to it! Show us your logos, and get that unforgettable frisbee that you know you designed yourself. These discs will later go on sale once printed to be enjoyed by everyone in the league.

Please like, tweet and post this contest around! Looking forward to your entries.

Logos are posted on our facebook page please go there to vote (by Liking) your favorite logos!

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So it should also be black and white? Any other things that the judges are looking for- Simple and crisp logo or something fancy? Thanks guys!

Apr 07 2012
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@TomBiernacki, I clarified the color need, as we are printing in 2 color (black/white, etc)

Apr 09 2012
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I'm interested! I'll see what I can make. Did you want the AI file, or a PDF, or something else?

Apr 09 2012
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@dylanganger, PDF is fine, we just want to get some photos up for people to vote on, then we will worry about the fine details.

Apr 09 2012
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All logo's are posted on our facebook wall (http://facebook.com/windsorultimate) please go there to see and vote for your favorites! Sorry for the late notice.

Apr 24 2012


Apr 05 2012
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