Indoor Winter 2013 League OPEN!

Its cold outside, why not play inside more?

Woo! More Indoor Ultimate!
For those that have been playing indoor already, this is probably not news to you, but we have opened up our VERY FIRST Indoor Winter league. Dan has been busy and this time he came through and organized more Ultimate Frisbee for everyone.

Looking for a few good players
... and that means you! Check out the details for the indoor league. While you're doing that, look at the location, so you know where to go. We want to get 6 teams playing indoor, where it is nice and warm (and the wind is never a factor!). Check out our rules for indoor play so you know what you can, and can't do. Season starts in January! So don't delay.

Payment will be handled like for our previous indoor league, you can either catch Dan OR pay at the complex (need to register on the site first!). If you're unsure what to do, just shoot us an email or contact Dan ( / 519-562-6799).

Go to PLAY > Indoor Winter 2013 League

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Dec 02 2012
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