Ultimate in the News for March 4th 2013

A number of things have been popping up lately about Ultimate Frisbee, check out the links below to find out more:

These people are playing a sport called "Ultimate Frisbee" in Denver, Colorado. "When you mention that you play Ultimate Frisbee they either ask if it's Disc Golf or if it's the sport where you throw a Frisbee to your dog. No, it's neither of those unfortunately." "Scores like football. Runs a lot like basketball. But kind of has positions and plays like soccer."

Members of a college Ultimate Frisbee team under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration for doing the “Harlem Shake’’ on a plane told TODAY that flight attendants gave them permission to dance.

"(The flight attendants) were genuinely very excited," sophomore team member Matt Zelin, a student a Colorado College, said Friday. “Before we did anything really, we were making sure we were checking in with the flight crew, (and) making sure everything was approved by them beforehand. We actually only interacted with the flight attendants. I interacted with them from the moment I stepped on the plane.

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Mar 04 2013
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