Turning 7 this Year & Summer Clinic Dates

Hey folks, so not sure if you heard, but summer is on its way, and with it comes Lucky Number 7 for Windsor Ultimate!

7 years already!?

That's right! Our league has officially been around and introducing people to the sport that is Ultimate Frisbee in the Windsor Ontario area for over 7 years now.

Great thanks to all previous board members and volunteers for coming out to help throughout the years, everyone help contribute to helping this club last this long (and we hope for many years to come!).

All gushing aside, we have established our clinic dates for May, you can see them below in this post, or check out our calendar and walk through the months to see upcoming events.

What's a clinic?

The goal of our clinics are to ultimately teach individuals how to become better players but most importantly, how to self coach and how to teach other members of their team.

The focus of our clinics are on throwing and catching since these are the most crucial elements of playing ultimate and are what people struggle with the most). You will leave here knowing some practice drills (for your own time) so that you will see improvement for the next game!

Clinic Schedule:

If you haven't played before, please comment below and get in on the action! All clinics are FREE and for your education and skill growth.

Registration Reminder

April 1st is the beginning of our registration for Summer 2013 Season, so if you've already looked in the leagues section, and wondered why there was no 'registration button' well that's why, its closed till that date until the Board nails down every meticulous detail for you. Once that bell tolls midnight and April 1st rolls around, you will be able to register!

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Mar 29 2013
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