Ultimate Frisbee in the news for 4/04/2013

Nike Sports Camps Now Offering Ultimate Frisbee Camps for Summer 2013

Located nationwide, US Sports Camps, Inc. is pleased to now offer ultimate frisbee camps beginning in summer 2013. Sponsored by Nike, these top-rated resident and day camps are open to boys and girls ages 9-18.

Onion Fest Brings Frisbee Culture to Walla Walla

Last weekend, the men’s and women’s Sweets teams hosted the annual Onion Fest. For those of you who are unaware of exactly what O-Fest is, imagine a motley crew of Frisbee players dressed up in ridiculous outfits trying to eat onions whole, all while competing in Ultimate Frisbee.

Livonia robotics team earns awards for Frisbee robot!

The 2013 competition required teams in an alliance of three to play ultimate Frisbee with machines they design and build over a six-week period. At the end of each round, teams earn extra points if their robots can climb a ladder-like tower and score the Frisbee into the goal at the top. The Livonia District was a two-day event filled with preliminary rounds all day Friday and Saturday morning to decide which teams would qualify for the Saturday afternoon quarterfinals.

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