Summer 2013 kick-off this Wednesday!

You should have already been contacted by your team captain, but if you haven't, check out your team on the website. Once you know what team you're on, and your team color, think of some creative Canadian Themed team names. Your team t-shirts will be ordered once we have a count of all members and teams (most likely Thursday). The t-shirt size you registered with will be used, so if you entered it in ERROR or need a different shirt, please please let your captain know right away!

League is full... wow!?

Just last year we barely made 8 teams, a HUGE milestone for the Windsor Ultimate community in its own right. But this year we are full at 130 people, so the board will review all waiting list people at this point on a first come first play basis. If you are on a waiting list, come see the board ASAP! If we don't see you on Wednesday we won't have a team/shirt for you as you are not part of the league until you have paid!

Kick-Off Party @ Avg Joes!

For those that have been with Windsor Ultimate for many seasons now, will know that our post game socializing hangout is Your Average Joes (close by to the field). They have a lot of room for us, and we've even got a custom discounted menu (and who knows, maybe we'll get something named after the league this year!?). The deal has typically been, you go in, sign into our logbook (everyone from the league) and we get a great discount on our year end party based on the headcount that shows up each week! So support your league and local hangout, join us at Avg Joes after the game for great food, drinks and comradery!

Things to know for your first game:

  • Be prepared with 2 shirts (white + black), bring plenty of water and a snack.
  • Show up before 6PM to warm-up, we will start with a kick-off meeting at 6PM SHARP!
  • Review your team and your play schedule (field numbers are visible under the Location section)
  • Review the league rules on our website, and how spirit works in Ultimate Frisbee (we don't have refs!)
  • If there is rain, be aware of our Adverse Weather policy and if you will play or not.
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Jun 04 2013
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