All about our New Windsor Ultimate Logo Design

Last Wednesday when our new t-shirts came in, we (the board) noticed that a lot of people were a little perplexed and confused by the logo design. Overall many seemed to like it, but they we're not really sure of what to make of the logo.

So we wanted to offer some insight into the creative idea behind the fabulous logo that Paul M. designed for us. Many of you that are new to the league will not know, but Paul is one of the league's original founding members, and quite the creative talent, so it isn't a surprised that the board came to him for help coming up with a new logo and branding. Below is his explanation of what he wanted to capture in the logo:

Rose and Wrenches: The Story
Rose and Wrenches - Windsor Ultimate logo

"Every city has an identity, a monument or a reputation. In many ways it's been woven into it's fabric like the Statue of Liberty in New York or Detroit's Motown music. In Windsor, we've been represented by two very distinct symbols, one leans towards grace, the other reaches for might. Throughout the years our community has been called the City of Roses and The Automotive Capital of Canada. So, I created a befitting and balanced tribute to represent Windsor Ultimate... beauty and the beast... flowers and factories... Roses and Wrenches."
- Paul M.

So we hope that gives you some insight into why we have this great new logo, and what it means to our club!

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Love the duality. Reminds me of Full Metal Jacket, with the soldier having a peace button on his uniform and "Born to Kill" scrawled across his helmet.

Jun 19 2013


Jun 17 2013
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