All Badges

All available badges are listed below with their achievement requirements. By being active on the site (while logged in) nets you these badges. So stay active and go for the win! If you have any questions, contact the board.

Boardie × 11
Given to players that have become board members (one per year of service).
Captain × 42
Given to players that take the reigns and captain a team.
Profile viewed over 500 times.
Given to the number one team of the season. Take a bow Champ!
Everyone needs a right hand man or woman. This badge is for the Co-Captain.
Left over 20 comments on the website.
Linked more than 3 accounts with your login, better safe than sorry!
Given for suffering a serious injury that ended their season. Tells the world that you are tough as nails!
Visit the site consecutively for 60 days
Given only to those players that helped found the league, or a new seasonal league of play.
Awarded to players that have been part of the league for over 10 years.
Awarded to the player with the most points scored on a team during a single season of play.
Groupie × 73
Grouped themselves or was grouped with someone over 3 times during league registration.
Awarded to a player for impressive game play, can be given by their team captain. You must have done something right!
Most Valuable Player, awarded to a player for exhibiting exceptional skill during a season.
Given to the player that has seen the most improvement per their Captain or Co-Captain.
Awarded to the team who takes a perfect loss score during a season.
Given for suffering an injury during a game. Can be awarded multiple times per season.
Seasoned × 400
Received for participating in a season of Ultimate Frisbee. One for each season of play.
Left over 200 comments all over the site
Most Spirited Player, awarded to a player for exhibiting excellent sportsmanship and extra ordinary spirit.
Started over 20 new posts on the website.
Awarded to players that choose to participate in travel team play and represent the league in remote Tournaments.
Joined, but didn't comment, post or be active in anything in over a year.
Wear it loud and proud, this badge signifies that the person was a critical volunteer and helped the league out.